Organic waste collection in Lachine
Organic waste collection
Organic waste collection
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Florian Weber
514 634-7205
Raw, cooked or spoiled food
• Fruits and vegetables, peels
• Nuts and shells
• Pasta, bread. cereal, rice
• Cookies, sweets, desserts
• Meat and poultry, bones
• Eggs and egg shells
• Fish and bones, seafood and shells
• Coffee and filters, tea and tea bags
• Pet food
• Spices, herbs

Soiled paper and cardboard
• Tissues, paper towels, napkins
• Paper tablecloths, paper dishes
• Soiled food packaging

Green waste
• Dead leaves, grass clippings, wood chips
• Garden waste, plants
• Conifer branches under 1 meter long and 5 cm in diameter
Note :
- The traditional green waste collection  isn't abolished: in fact, you can put your green waste in your new brown bin.
- Garbage collections will continue at the same frequency.
things that do go in your brown bin
Recyclable materials
• Metal, plastic, paper, cardboard

Construction and renovation materials
• Paint and hazardous household waste
• Polystyrene and plastic wrapping
• Earth, rocks, sand
• Glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramics
• Non-vegetable oils and flat

Liquids 9soup, milk, juice, coffee, etc.)
• Diapers and hygiene products
• Fabric, wood, cork, wax
• Hot ashes, cigarette butts
• Chewinggum
• Animal hair and excrement litter
• Batteries, biomedical waste

Deciduous tree waste
• Branches
• tree stumps
• leaf tree trunks
Things that don't go in your brown bin
Paper bags

Compostable paper bags are offered for the first collections (4 per address). Once supplies run out, these bags are available for purchase in a number of local stores. You can also call 311 to find out where they can be purchased.

Instruction for use :
It's possible to share the rolling brown bin!

If you do not generate enough foos waste, you can share your rolling brown bin with a neighbour. The bins will be distributed considering the number of apartments per building. The goal is to share bins in multiple-apartment buildings to optimise the pick-up.

The bin capacity is determinated according to the total of units.
Online form to change your brown bin

If your brown bin isn't large enough or you want a smaller one. You can ask for it!

There are three sizes available: 80 L, 120 L et 240 L. to ask for another size, just fill out the online form below. A member of the GRAME team will communicate with you to validate your demand. You can also make the request by phone: 514 634-7205.

Please expect a delay of up to 30 days before receiving a new rolling brown bin.
One unit
80 L
Two units
2 x 80 L
Three units
3 x 80 L
Four units
120 L + 80 L
Five units
2 x 120 L
Six units
2 x 120 L
Seven units
2 x 120 L
Eight units
2 x 120 L
First and last name
Phone number
Postal code
How  many apartments does your building have?
Which size is your actual bin?
80 L
120 L
240 L
Which size would be needed?
80 L
120 L
240 L
What is the reason for changing?
I don't have a brown bin
I don't want to receive brown bin right now
I would like to receive a countertop bin only
Keep the countertop bin in your kitchen.
Line the bin with a bag, and place your food waste inside the bag.
When the bag inside your countertop bin is full, transfer it to the rolling brown bin.
On organic waste collection day (garden waste and food scraps), place the rolling brown bin on the curb in front of your home.
  (Height X Width X depth)
80 L
86 cm x 33 cm x 33 cm
120 L
97 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm
240 L
107 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm
Countertop bin
23 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm
Countertop bin
Why? The industrial compost site where Lachine's organic waste is treated is not equipped to distinguish different type of plastic bags : compostable, biodegradable, biodegradable non-compostable or conventional.
By using plastic to wrap your organic matter, you risk to contaminate the compost which is produced following your "green" gesture, and your bin might not be collected.
Please note that you can always put your organic matter directly in the brown bin, use newsprint to put on the bottom or make a wrapper for your waste.
The Groupe de recherché appliquée en macroécologie (GRAME) - Éco-quartier Lachine joins the Lachine borough to introduce the organic waste collection (including food scraps and garden waste).

This new collection will be gradually implemented over the next few years :

• Completed : the territory located west of 32th Avenue
• Starting May 2017 : the territory located east of 32th Avenue
• Later phase : Saint-Pierre district

The new brown bins will be distributed door-to-door around the end of April. The collection will be every week on Wednesday, starting May the 3th, all year long.